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CPE Systems NZ Ltd


Partner Products

We have established a global network of Partners that provide a complementary range of high quality products that support development of Test & Measurement and Data Acquisition Systems.   

At CPE we have a large amount of experience with the application of our Partner products.  Products shown on our Partner sites can be supplied and supported by CPE. 


National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner

NI (National Instruments) equips engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery to meet not only grand but also daily engineering challenges in an increasingly complex world. A graphical system design approach leverages productive software and reconfigurable hardware platforms, along with a vast community of IP and applications, to simplify system development and arrive at solutions faster


Goepel Electronics Centre of Expertise

Goepel Electronics is a leading provider of innovative test and inspection solutions for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and electronic devices and system. They provide innovative JTAG/Boundary Scan hardware and software test solutions. CPE have been selected as a GATE Centre of Expertise for Goepel products in the Australasian area.



Equip-Test is a European Company that designs and manufactures high quality Test Fixture Hardware and components

  • Test Pins and Receptacles
  • LED Probes
  • Test Fixtures
  • Test Systems
  • Interface Solutions

CPE has established a relationship with Equip-Test to supply and support their components and hardware in the New Zealand and Australian Markets



Novaflash is an Austrian company who produces industrial universal programmers for ISP applications; its team is composed by engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Novaflash developed the first programmer based on the revolutionary E-ISP (Extended In-System Programming) technology. Novaflash Hydra is designed for production environment; it can be used 24/7 in the most demanding manufacturing lines, boosting productivity. Hydra programs 1, 2 or 4 different targets simultaneously and, thanks to its tiny size, it can be easily integrated in any production equipment, like ATE or ICT/FCT fixtures. A case study of the application of the Hydra product can be viewed here.

CPE has established a relationship with Novaflash to supply and support their In-System-Programming (ISP) products in the New Zealand and Australian Markets. A supported device list can be found here

Semco Machinery Corporation


Semco Machinery Corporation design and manufacture a range of high quality robust Test Fixture solutions. CPE have a large amount of design experience using the CAM/TRAC and CAM/GATE for achieving custom ICT and Functional Test Fixtures using a range of Test Rack, Interface and Receiver solutions.

ST Robotics

ST Robotics

ST Robotics provides professional but affordable, easy-to-use, ready-to-go boxed robots. These Robots are ideal for repetitive Laboratory or production applications where high precision is required.

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