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Software Development

Over the past 18 years, CPE have developed software for a wide variety of applications. Most of these have been 'embedded' or PC based solutions, but with the ubiquitous nature of the internet and the explosion in the use of mobile technology, CPE is now also focused heavily on the development of software for mobile and remote applications.

Scientific and Engineering Embedded Test Web Vision Automation
LabVIEW LabVIEW RT/FPGA TestStand HTML5 LabVIEW Maxon Motion Control
C/C++ Microchip Agilent VEE Flash Dalsa Sherlock LabVIEW DSC
LabWindows/CVI TI Assembler ATLAS AJAX Halcon Siemens PLC
.Net JTAG Python CSS Allen Bradley PLC
Visual Studio Java XML CITECT
  C/C++/C# .Net Ethernet/IP
Visual Studio OPC
  PHP Modbus Drivers

CPE's graphical user interfaces are recognised as the best in the business. The focus in designing these HMIs, is two fold.  First they must work for the user (as opposed to the person developing the code) and secondly they must be pleasing to the eye.  And sometimes, as with military applications, they must conform with standards for colour and useability.

For the Scientific and Engineering community reports can be produced in 3D and interactive graphical formats.

Mechanical Design and Fabrication

CPE has a very strong mechanical design and build capability through its association with Duncan Anderson.  Past projects have included fixtures for testing Printed Circuit Boards to very sophisticated mounting frames for camera systems mounted on printing presses.  Drawings are produced in Solidworks or Autocad with conversion to other formats available.

System Integration

At a system level,CPE is able to bring together all the various disciplines to effectively integrate the whole system into operation. At a technical level, that means that CPE :

  • Selects and chooses the appropriate equipment/instrumentation
  • Develops the software
  • Designs and assembles any electronics needed
  • Designs and manufactures mechanical jigs/frames/handlers
  • Integrates them all into one fully functional system which CPE then installs and commissions
All of these disciplines are managed by CPE so there is no debate over whose responsibility it is. Having it all under the umbrella of one company means that it just gets done. Integral to all of this is the overarching project management responsibilities of specification at the beginning, or feasibility study if required, design, verification, production if there are multiple units, training of operators, and finally In-Service Support after it is commissioned.

Data Management, Analysis and Presentation

In addition to design we have a very strong analytical capability in mechanical stress through our alliance with Endurance Consulting in Sydney. This capability has been proven a number of times, most significantly in the measurement and analysis of the strain within the hull of ships, for both the Australian Navy and the New Zealand Navy.

Regulatory Compliance

CPE has experience in designing equipment to meet regulatory compliance requirements in:

  • Machine safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Intrinsically safe
  • EMC
  • CE
  • Austick

CPE can perform audits on behalf of third parties for Factory Acceptance Testing .